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Which Travel Luggage Bag is Best for Traveling?


Whatever your destination or frequency of travel, your luggage bag may make or break your trip. It facilitates preparation, packing, and maintaining organization when traveling, and it occasionally affects whether you are permitted to bring home keepsakes. Get 25% off on luggage bags for traveling by using Hook & Albert Discount Codes.

Checked bags, carry-ons, duffles, weekenders, under-seat bags, and backpacks are available in a variety of styles. Beyond that, there are options for the hard side and soft side with different organizing features. It can be challenging to sort through your options in the midst of what you might refer to as the Golden Age of Luggage bags.

Travel + Leisure put over 170 pieces of luggage bags through a series of tests and simulations to evaluate capacity, maneuverability, durability, and design in order to determine which brands stand out from the competition. Our best recommendation is Travelpro, a moderately priced company that offers a wide range of carriers and received excellent ratings from all of our testers.


All 11 of the Travelpro luggage bags we evaluated received overall ratings of 4 or better, with an average score of 4.4 out of 5. Both the hard side and soft side models from the brand performed admirably in the lab, and both the checked and carry-on options have roomy interiors and expandable capacities. It's comforting to know there is wiggle room even though we could fit everything on our packing list without using the expanders. The various organizational features, including pockets, cross straps, and zipper panels, were well-liked by our testers.

Travelpro luggage is simple to move around on concrete, carpet, and even gravel thanks to its self-aligning spinner wheels and robust telescoping handles. Some, especially when loaded, are slightly more difficult to roll on two wheels than four. Even though carry-on luggage bag is typically lightweight, it's important to remember that checked luggage weighs almost twice as much when empty.


The average score for the 14 Samsonite bags we evaluated was 4.2 out of 5, and ten of them received overall ratings of 4 or higher. The brand makes lightweight, small-profile suitcases with roomy interiors and expandable interiors.

Our testers liked the zippered compartments, compression straps, shoe separators, and easy-access pockets even though the majority of them don't come with laundry bags. High-strength thermoplastic is used to create the hard side suitcases, and recycled plastic bottles are used to create the soft side exteriors. Even on gravel and carpeted floors, Samsonite luggage bag moves around easily.

Additionally, the strong, lockable aluminum handles are a nice addition. Prices are more than fair, and despite the fact that you must return any items within 30 days of purchase, the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty on all of its goods.

Amazon Basics

Two suitcases and one backpack from Amazon Basics were put to the test. Each piece received a rating that was significantly higher than 4, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5. We can say with certainty that this luggage bag company offers much more than affordable prices. Although more pockets would have been nice, the carry-on and checked models easily accommodated everything on our list of essentials without the expanders, which increases the capacity by another 15%. The hard-side luggage bag has extra-thick thermoplastic shells that excelled in our durability tests, with no signs of dings or scratches. Even though it was slightly harder to maneuver them on gravel, they were generally simple to use. Although there aren't many color options and most Amazon Basics carriers lack TSA locks and smart features, the designs still surpassed our expectations.


Tumi is the best brand of luggage bag if you want the best of the best. Three of the five bags we tried earned a score above 4, with an average overall rating of 4 out of 5. The suitcases and under-seat bags fared better than the duffle we tested, but all in all, we were impressed. Also, this brand is notable for its organizational, intelligence, and security features. Ample pockets, detachable garment bags, laptop sleeves, USB ports, lockable zippers, and locks. Want to save up to 45% on luggage bag shopping? Then use Ful Discount Codes.

You can rely on trustworthy durability whether you choose the soft side or the hard side. After hitting the bags with a bat, our testers saw almost no scuffs or scrapes, with the exception of one carry-on that had a sizable dent. The spinner wheels on the Tumi luggage bag make it easy to manage, but keep in mind that the checked sizes are quite heavy when empty. A brand is a great option for lengthy journeys, frequent travelers, and people who like to be organized if you can afford the high price.

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