How to Clean and Maintain Your Favorite Necklaces and Jewelry for Longevity


Costume necklaces, earrings, and ring owners may find that one of their main worries is that their expensive jewelry changes hues quickly. The green hue that is typically found on rings and necklaces is one of the simplest ones I have so far discovered. No matter how much you adore your expensive jewelry, the sight of the color green may cause you to avoid it at all costs. Because I was concerned that wearing green-colored jewelry might irritate my skin, I learned to avoid wearing it. But why do the colors in these inexpensive accessories change?

The real culprits for this occurrence are all around us. Certainly, exposure to several environmental factors can seriously degrade the quality of our jewelry. Daily chores like dishwashing, gardening, and swimming pool dips can occasionally imperceptibly damage our prized fine jewelry. If your costume accessories get damp, disaster may result. The reason is that these delicate items may have watermarks on them if they are exposed to water. Some of these watermarks are challenging to get rid of and frequently cause rust and discoloration. A luxury trinket's quality may decline as a result of certain cleaning agents. Because certain chemicals tend to erode the finish of the accessory, jewelry tends to lose its sparkle when exposed to them.

So, how do we take care of costly jewelry? Here are some cleaning suggestions for costume jewelry and necklaces that you and your favorite clothing accessories could find helpful. Plus, a great discount is going live, where you need to use the Serena Williams Jewelry Coupon Code.

Keep Your Jewelry Dry and Pristine

It's crucial to clean jewelry, especially necklaces, to restore shine and get rid of any oil or dirt buildup. But, you might need to use various cleaning products for different materials if you're cleaning a gold necklace or pearl earrings. 

2. Avoid Wearing It To the Spa and Gym

In general, avoid wearing necklaces when you're going to swim, sweat, or steam. Nevertheless, moisture, pool chlorine, and even the pH of your sweat can cause your jewelry to lose its shine. Use your accessories exclusively in dry environments and dry activities; take them off when cleaning, gardening, cooking, or engaging in sports.

Protect From Lotion Or Perfume

Precious metals, gemstones, and pearls are all severely damaged by chemicals. This includes everything you need for skin care as well. Apply your perfume beforehand rather than spritzing it on after if you're wearing it. Any type of moisturizer, skin-refreshing spray, or makeup-setting spray is the same way. The following details need to be kept in mind when cleaning the necklaces and other luxury jewelry:

  • Be out for pearls and other porous jewels because some cosmetic chemicals can harm their surfaces permanently.
  • After applying any sprays, make sure your skin is completely dry before putting on jewelry.
  • Rinse out any chemicals that come into contact with your precious metals right away, then use a soft cloth to clean away any leftover residue.

Maintain Good Jewelry Storage

Carefully preserving your necklaces while not in use can help prevent tarnishing and damage. The risk of necklace links breaking or delicate jewels being harmed rises when jewelry is stored together because it might become tangled. Nevertheless, by using the Marissa Collections Coupon Code, you may save a ton of money on necklaces. Here are some ideas for storage:

  • Save the cotton bags or boxes that new necklaces are packaged in.
  • To avoid tangling or breakage, opt for jewelry storage that allows you to keep certain pieces apart, like padded ring boxes with discrete slots.
  • When traveling, separate items from other cargo by putting them in a canvas bag or padded box.
  • If storing items for a prolonged period of time, place them in vacuum storage pouches to keep moisture and air out.

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