Different types of Wedding Rings


Diamonds and glam cocktail baubles probably come to mind when you hear the word "ring." (The lollipops you wore as a kid also count). When you Google "ring," you usually see the traditional Tiffany solitaire diamond wedding rings, but there are actually a ton of other ring designs to be aware of, from the customary mother's ring to stackable bands to the ubiquitous mood ring from the '70s.

Everyone enjoys wearing wedding rings because you can see them the most, according to Sharon Schatner of Minneapolis' Filigree Jewelers. When you wear earrings, you only notice them when you look in the mirror; however, you can enjoy your hands all day long when you look at them.

Ring For The Wedding

If we left out the ultimate ring—the engagement ring—it wouldn't be a complete list of wedding rings to know. According to Catherine Thies, owner of Filigree Jewelers, "a band of metal was thought to be a token of blessing sealing the bond of love.

Engagement rings these days can be anything from simple and elegant diamond solitaires to striking, eye-catching gemstones. Wedding guests are switching from more delicate, thin diamond mountings to rings with more weight, says Thies. As many of our clients value sustainability and desire something completely unique that you won't see on anyone else, we have also observed a significant demand for antique and vintage wedding rings.

As many of our clients value sustainability and desire something completely unique that you won't see on anyone else, we have also observed a significant demand for antique and vintage wedding rings.

Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are a symbol of your love and commitment to your spouse, whether you choose a traditional gold wedding band, a ring studded with diamonds or something new and fashionable like a tantalum band. Use Gem and Harmony Discount Codes to get some bucks saved on wedding rings.

Stackable Bands

You can put together a totally one-of-a-kind bridal set with stackable rings. The arrangement of your stack is ultimately up to you, but this and Schatner advise starting with a wide solid gold ring or diamond band because they typically go with everything. According to Schatner, the uniqueness of each stack is what makes it cool. "The individuality of the textures, stones, and finishes; else, it would just be a row of identical wedding rings. When your stack contains some diversity, it becomes interesting.

Mood Rings

Even though mood rings were very popular in the 1970s and 1990s, they are still in use today. These novelty wedding rings make the claim that their color can foretell your mood. Obviously, your body temperature has more to do with this than how you're feeling, but they're still enjoyable.

Signet Rings

Since the beginning of time, men of influence have worn signet rings; they were even discovered among the artifacts of the Egyptian pharaohs. Today, you can personalize a signet in countless ways and select from sentimental vintage items or more contemporary designs. Put your initials, a meaningful symbol, or if you have one, your family crest in the engraving.

Mother's Rings

The birthstones of each child are traditionally set in a cluster on a mother's ring. If that's not exactly your style, you can choose to update the mother's ring by stacking gemstone bands together or by giving it a more contemporary look by using more contemporary cuts and settings. No matter if its your wedding anniversary or birth, all custom is ignored. With gemstones that just so happen to have complementary colors, we were able to create some lovely mother's wedding rings," says Thies. But we advise against forcing it if the birthstones clash. Choose what speaks to you rather than attempting to create something that ultimately comes off as haphazard and strange.

Birthstone Rings

Many parents give their child a birthstone ring to wear so, did you wear a birthstone ring? A common way to announce your birth month to the world was to purchase one of those tiny imitation gem wedding rings from the dollar store or from a gift shop. Use the Helzberg Coupon Code for reasonable shopping. There are many possibilities when selecting the ideal gemstone for everyday wear, with a variety of birthstone listings to choose from and modern vs. classic styles.

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