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10 Athleisure Outfit Ideas for the Gym and Beyond


The athleisure trend is here to stay, which is good news. Why would it do that? The athleisure outfit is after all always comfortable, stylish, and #lazygirlcool. It's the ideal justification for wearing sweatpants and hoodies all day long, letting your workout attire double as brunch attire, and owning the fact that leggings qualify as pants. Yes, please, athleisure outfit suggestions.

Since the 2010s, when athleisure first gained popularity, the style has evolved to include everything from '80s sweatsuit sets to gorp-core to wearing sneakers to prom. You can wear your gym to class or you can mix athleisure with glam accessories like gold hoops and heeled boots. After all, girls like Hailey Bieber and Addison Rae love the I-just-came-from-pilates look for a reason.

Street style, sportswear designers, the freedom of movement for all bodies, and simply feeling comfortable in your clothes are all celebrated by athleisure outfits. There are many ways to give your favorite sweatpants a little edge, so if you're looking for advice on how to wear athleisure outside of the gym, keep scrolling. Check out the best athleisure outfit suggestions below but first, check the Tuckernuck Promo Code for huge savings.

  1. Layering a Hoodie

An easy styling tip for activewear or athleisure outfit? Whether it's a fleece or a leather blazer, let your hoodie peek out from under it. It also provides an additional layer of warmth.

  1. A Touch of Blue

You get to make your vibrant sports bra the focal point of this ensemble. With some loose-fitting joggers and your coolest, oversized bomber, you can offset the fitted top.

  1. Loose-Fitting Top And Pants

With me, say it: Rihanna is the model. If Rihanna says we should match our sunglasses to our hoodies and sneakers, you better believe we're paying attention. Her warm-up pants are just the right amount of baggy to wear underneath leggings in the winter.

  1. Relaxed Pants

Yes, we wholeheartedly support joggers that resemble jeans or trousers. A Baseball cap and a cropped button-down are Level 1000 chic. In some cases, if your internship doesn't have a strict dress code, pairs are even professional enough to wear to work.

  1. Track Jacket Sincerity

The classic tracksuit jacket is a street-style slay, regardless of whether you're about to crank out some sprints or are OTW back home after a long sweat sesh.

  1. Wear Joggers 

The athleisure outfit doesn't always have to be bland or beige, as demonstrated by Halsey's "fit," Colors Galore. Wear joggers and cover-ups with as many vibrant colors and funky prints as you like.

  1. Workout Rompers

Workout rompers and catsuits can be worn all day long, from the morning yoga class to the afternoon run to Starbucks with your friends. Follow Addison's example and add red statement accessories and crew socks. Get up to 20% off on trendy athleisure outfits by using the Scrubs And Beyond Coupon Code.

  1. Cut-Out Leggings

Reach for a split seam or flared leggings in grey, brown, dark purple, or navy instead of your go-to black leggings and give them a break (and some TLC). Those shades add a subtle pop of color while still working with the majority of your wardrobe.

  1. Metalized Hues

With a dash of flashy metallics, the route from your car to the gym will double as your runway. The bomber from Tess Holliday is the ideal casual second layer to wear on top of your go-to workout tank.

  1. Cool Puffer and White Sneakers

Wearing white sneakers after dark? YES! Benefit from the casual athleisure trend even when attending a party. Wear your favorite animal pattern leggings with white dazzling boots to create the impression that you are going out. 

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